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There’s a certain mysterious quality about a place that draws you in and keeps you — a place where the past is honored and the future is welcomed with great anticipation. A place where unity and “love for thy neighbor” still exist despite all the odds. It can’t be summed up to any one thing, but instead exists in a patchwork of small details, creating a feeling of belonging as big as the hearts of its people.

    It happens in Sandersville among the shadows of Spanish moss dancing over Old City Cemetery. It happens in the “white gold” found in the kaolin mines. It happens under the Friday night lights on the football field. It happens when neighbors come together to help a friend in need. It happens in the pews on Sunday morning. It happens every year at the Kaolin Festival, at the Davisboro fireworks show, and in the secret sauce at the Barbeque Blast. It happens over a Dairylane dipped cone on a sweltering summer day. It happens when you hear the train coming in Tennille. It happens in family roots that run generations deep in Deepstep. It happens in the whispering pines of Riddleville, and in the beauty and simplicity of days gone by in Harrison. It happens in the stories passed down about Oconee residents helping a poor farmer save his pig during the hardest of times. It happens when someone simply takes the time to say hello in Warthen. It happens when newcomers instantly feel at home and find themselves with more reasons to stay than go. 

     With a diverse and overlapping history, culture, and local identity, the eight communities that make up this special place come together to chart a new, united direction for the future of the community. 

it all happens here in washington county.

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